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How to raise an issue with your landlord

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Landlord/Tenant Matters |

Landlords are responsible for most repairs. Tenants have a right to a safe and sanitary space. Therefore, if your apartment has a problem, you should raise the matter with the landlord.

Here is how you can do this

Know your landlord’s duties

In New York, landlords should keep common areas and individual apartments safe, clean and well-maintained. These include security measures, heat, hot and cold water, lighting and so on. Thus, analyze your issue and determine if your landlord is responsible for solving it.

Understand the law

Your landlord may be responsible for a matter, but they need to observe certain laws. For example, landlords of buildings with three or more apartments (multiple dwellings) must paint occupied houses every three years. Thus, you can request them to do so after this period.

Landlords of private dwellings should also paint apartments when necessary. Also, if your apartment has peeling paint, you should report it to the landlord to fix it.

Gather evidence

It may be more manageable to explain an issue with pictures, videos and notes. In addition to providing your landlord with adequate information, such evidence will be vital should you consider other options, that is, if your landlord doesn’t address the problem.

Record the agreement

When you send your landlord a letter explaining the issue, they will meet with you to agree on a solution. You should keep a copy of the dated and signed agreement. 

The agreement should state the solution to be implemented, who will do the work, who will pay and when the work will be completed. 

It helps to be informed when reporting an issue to your landlord. If they fail to solve it or offer a substandard solution, consider legal guidance to protect your rights.