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Handling Business Law In New York City

Your business runs on contracts and other legal matters as much as it runs on serving your customers. As a result, your legal decisions and strategies are critical to your success. Whether you need help for a one-time issue or are looking for an attorney who will help your business for the long-term, the attorneys at Zingman & Associates PLLC are here to help.

Our attorneys blend years of experience with a detailed understanding of the law to find solutions that meet your needs. We are business savvy and focused on your long-term success. Contact our attorneys today for a strategy that helps your business thrive.

Our Business Helping Your Business

We represent businesses of all sizes in a variety of disputes and transactions, such as business formations, shareholder and partner disputes and contract issues. When you work with our office, you get the benefit of:

  • Experience: Our firm draws on experience from across our team of attorneys. We work together to develop legal solutions based on a wide range of prior cases, a wealth of knowledge and a vast professional network. With our firm, you get access to critical knowledge and information.
  • Transparency: Legal issues can seem complex, and resolving them can be overwhelming. Many people feel unprepared to address legal conflict, but at our firm, we guide you through the process, giving you the information you need to stay in control of your future.
  • Personalization: Your business is unique, and you deserve a personal approach that takes your circumstances into consideration. At our firm, our attorneys take the time to know you, your situation and your goals and values.

Let us help you understand your rights and options regarding business disputes or other transactional needs you may have.

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Call us at 646-974-3554 or use our online contact form to schedule a initial consultation. Located directly across from Grand Central Station, we serve clients across the New York City area, including in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.