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Landlord-Tenant Litigation Attorneys Serving New York City

The attorneys at Zingman & Associates PLLC have vigorously represented both landlords and tenants in New York City for a combined total of more than 40 years. Handling cases for both landlords and tenants has sharpened our skills by allowing us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. This allows us to better prepare for whatever the other side may raise in court and develop a winning strategy. If it is a landlord and tenant dispute, we have successfully handled it.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Whether the case involves a small building or large, historic and recognizable property, our firm can step in and handle any commercial landlord-tenant issue. This includes nonpayment and holdover summary proceedings in housing court, as well as actions in the Supreme Court such as Yellowstone injunctions, ejectment and related appeals.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Cases

We provide representation in the full range of residential landlord and tenant cases. We are intimately attuned to all the nuances of rent stabilization and rent control. Our representation includes nonprimary residence cases, owner use cases and other statutory tenancy matters. We also fully represent parties in nonpayment summary proceedings and holdover proceedings involving apartments not governed by rent control or rent stabilization. There is no area in residential disputes that we have not successfully handled.

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Our firm can help you understand the nuances of landlord-tenant law and how they may apply in your specific situation. Call us today at 646-974-3554 or contact us online and schedule a consultation. Located in midtown Manhattan, we represent clients from all areas of New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.