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Residential Real Estate Transaction Representation In Manhattan

For most people, the purchase or sale of a home will be the biggest transaction in their lives. Zingman & Associates PLLC knows that and, whether you are the buyer or the seller, you can count on us for honest representation to explain and guide you through all the legal ramifications involved in your deal.

From our office in midtown Manhattan, we handle cases with a client-centered focus. It is of the utmost importance to us that each case be handled individually and clients fully understand how closing on a sale will affect their lives, families and futures.

Property Purchases And Sales

The majority of real estate transactions involve purchases and sales of property. Whether you are the seller or the buyer, our firm can step in and help you move through the process. Our attorneys assist in transactions involving the purchase and sale of:

  • Single-family homes: We can help you at all stages of buying a new home or selling your house. Our firm understands the anxiety that can accompany the decisions involved in buying a house or deciding to sell. Our lawyers will work closely with you, tailoring the representation we provide to suit your specific needs and end goals.

  • Cooperative and condominium apartments: Buying and selling co-op apartments and condos can be complicated by guidelines set forth by the governing boards and the necessity of conducting due diligence investigations into the history and operations of the building. Since we have extensive experience handling issues involving boards and building histories, we can provide the expert guidance you need.

At the end of each closing, at no additional cost, we provide a complete closing binder which clearly summarizes and organizes your transaction. The closing binder includes a closing statement that summarizes the transaction in an easily readable form, but which is ideal for your accountant when you prepare your taxes. It also includes copies of important, relevant documents generated by the transaction and can easily be found with the accompanying table of contents.

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For more information or to schedule your initial consultation, call 646-974-3554 or contact us online today. We handle cases throughout the New York City area — including the Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens — from our office, which is conveniently located directly across from Grand Central Station.