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Real Estate Litigation Representation In New York City

In addition to landlord and tenant matters, there are a wide variety of real estate disputes handled by Zingman & Associates PLLC.

Located across from Grand Central Station, we at Zingman & Associates PLLC provide clients with personalized and dedicated representation. Handling cases for commercial clients as well as those with residential real estate disputes, our attorneys represent clients throughout the New York City area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Types Of Real Estate Litigation Cases

We represent commercial and residential clients in a wide variety of real estate disputes in addition to our work in the area of landlord-tenant litigation, including:

  • Partitions: In order to legally divide up a piece of real property owned by multiple parties, an action for partition must be brought in the Supreme Court in the county where the property is located. We both prosecute and defend such actions.

  • Mechanic’s liens: Whether you are defending yourself against a mechanic’s lien or need to foreclose on a lien to recover the money you are owed, we can help.

  • Guarantor actions: We prosecute and defend cases that involve the enforcement of a personal guaranty of a lease.

  • Arbitration: Under certain lease clauses, certain disputes must be resolved through arbitration rather than litigation. We are fully familiar with this process.

Our real estate litigation practice is not limited to the above types of cases. If you have questions or concerns about your situation, we can assess your case and determine how best to tailor our services to meet your real estate needs.

Real Estate Transactions

In addition to our real estate litigation practice, we also handle residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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