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3 commonly missed red flags during a home inspection

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Real Estate Disputes |

Many older homes have big issues that may turn a house from cozy and comfortable to a life-long fixer-upper. Newer homes aren’t free from issues either and may have signs that there were issues during construction. Whether it’s your first home or fifth home, it’s an old or new home, having a home inspection done before a purchase can be life-changing.

Home inspectors help ensure people aren’t moving into a home they’ll later regret. While many home inspectors do their job thoroughly, even the best inspectors can miss big issues in a home. There are many common issues that can be missed during a home inspection, including these:

1. A leaky roof

Many home inspectors will only give an inspection of a roof from the ground. This can cause major issues to be missed, like rotting wood and leaks. These issues may be noticeable from the inside, but can still be missed.

2. A water-prone basement 

Over time, many basements are prone to leaking. This can cause major flooding and mold problems, but these issues can be easily missed when it hasn’t rained.

3. Flooring issues

Moving into a house that’s fully carpeted can be nice and a strong selling point, but having a carpet is a double-edged sword. It can be difficult to know the condition of the wood underneath a carpet such as signs of rotting, stains or excessive wear.

As a home buyer, you have a right to know when issues are present in a potential home. You may need to reach out to know your legal options during a home purchase if you’re worried about a bad deal.